Attorney at law Elena Grecu

Elena Grecu

Managing Partner

Intellectual Property

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Expertise: Intellectual Property Law, Publicity Law, Employment Law.



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Member of Bucharest Bar Association and Lawyers’ Association in Romania since 2003, Elena graduated two Mas in Business Law and Intellectual Property Law, the latter organized by The Academy of World Intellectual Property Organization.

Relevant experience

Relevant experience

 With a relevant experience in the areas of intellectual property and commercial law, Elena became an intellectual property counsellor in 2004 and a European counsellor in industrial property in 2007. She mainly deals with registration and advocacy in respect of trademarks, designs and industrial designs, negotiations, compliance with different procedures before OSIM and representation in litigation arising out of intellectual property and commercial law disputes. Elena published: “Community Trademarks” and “Guide to Entrepreneurs’ Contracts”.

Guidelines for Registering Trademarks in the European Union

The book is structured in different interest areas. It starts with an insight into the name “brand” (used as a marketing tool) and goes on to reveal notions such as community and national trademark. The trademark, which is Elena’s marcile-comunitare-ghid-practic-de-inregistrare-a-marcilor-in-uniunea-europeana-Avocat-Elena-Grecuprominent topic, represents in the sense attributed to it by legislation, the distinctive mark a manufacturer or a merchant chooses to individualize its products and services so as they differ from those of competitors.  In the landscape of our current market economy represented most often by fierce competition, there in a yearly increase in the importance of trademarks and brands as part of the company’s goodwill because more and more business people are becoming aware that profit is not generated by the business itself but also by the value of the brand it promotes. The author came up with several eloquent examples in order to support the latter statement.

The book enables readers to get a clear picture of what “trademark” entails, which are the trademark protection systems  (international – OMPI, national – OSIM and community – OHIM), the effects and advantages  of registering a community trademark and may other useful information.  Read more…

Guide to Entrepreneurs’ Contracts

Have you ever thought that turnover and revenue may be significantly influenced by the quality of the contracts you Ghidul-contractelor-pentru-antreprenori_Avocat_Elena_Grecuenter into? We met cases when start-up and even experienced entrepreneurs concluded agreements which brought them to an imminent insolvency.

Among them is one entrepreneur who entered into a 5-year agreement and totally ignored the unilateral cancellation clause before the termination of the contract. It seems a profitable business at the time the agreement was signed. Subsequently, he did not have the option to cancel the agreement even though meanwhile prices decreased quite a lot and he found better offers at half price. The agreement terminated before the end of those 5 years but as a result of beneficiary’s insolvency.


  • Member of the National Association of Romanian Bars since 2003
  • Vice-president of the Association “Ana and kids”
  • Member of PERGAM – The Scientific Authors and Editors Society
  • Member of Business Women Association