Attorney at law Maurizio Sorbello

Maurizio Sorbello


Tel: (+4) 031 431 5402  /  Fax: (+4) 031 814 9621


Expertiză: Commercial Law, Civil Law, Real Estate, Litigation (in Italy)

Italian, English


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Member of the Palermo (Italy) Bar Association and of the National Union of Italian Bar Associations, Mr. Maurizio Sorbello graduated from the Faculty of Law of “Università degli Studi” in Palermo.


The professional activity of Mr. Maurizio Sorbello is focused on areas such as commercial and civil law litigation (in Italy) and business law in Romania.

Mr. Maurizio Sorbello drafts contracts, assists clients in negotiating and signing them, focusing his attention to our clients, Italian or international ones.

Having worked in Real Estate domain in Romania, Mr. Maurizio Sorbello has a remarkable experience in the field.

Mr. Maurizio Sorbello is distinguished by his ability of identifying ingenious solutions to the problems encountered in day-to-day activity of his clients.