Working permit in Romania

Romania is one of the member states of the European Union. Therefore, the visa regime implemented by Romania corresponds to the uniform visa regime established at Union level.

The visa is an authorization applied on a border crossing document that allows the holder to present himself at the Romanian border crossing points, in order to request the transit or temporary stay in Romania, for a determined period.

The visa is obtained following the fulfillment of a procedure that is followed differently, depending on the purpose for which it is requested but also on its type.

A short-stay visa can be granted for the mission, tourism, visit, business, transport, sports activities, cultural, scientific, and humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment, or other activities that do not contravene Romanian laws.

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The long-stay visa is granted for carrying out economic activities, carrying out professional activities, carrying out commercial activities, employment, secondment, studies, family reunification, religious activities, scientific research activities, and other purposes not contrary to Romanian law;

A long-stay visa grants the foreigner a right of long-term residence granted for an indefinite period.

For some types of visas, it is necessary, among other things, to make an appointment and present a series of documents, as well as a notarial invitation from the person visited, for some states requiring the approval of the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

Once legally entered the territory of Romania, the foreign citizen must follow the procedure for granting the right of long-term residence, obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit.

Once the right of residence has been obtained, in the event that the period granted expires, the procedure for extension must be followed, and the conditions justifying it must be met.

If the period of stay exceeds 3 months, it is necessary to register the residence at the territorial formations of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, and the stay for periods longer than 5 years, even grants the right of permanent residence.


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