Attorney at law Raluca Comănescu

Raluca Comănescu


Phone: (+4) 031 431 5402

Fax: (+4) 031 814 9621


Expertise: Litigation, Intellectual Property, Consumer, Labor law, Civil and Commercial law, GDPR



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Member of Bucharest Bar Association and Lawyers’ Association in Romania, Raluca is specialized in litigation arising out of intellectual property law and unfair competition,  litigations among professionals, insolvency, civil litigation and employment litigation; she is also an Assessor of skills and abilities in professional training certified by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Employment, Family, Social Protection and Senior Persons thus providing legal assistance and representation before Romanian court and Public Ministry.

Relevant experience

Mrs. Comănescu has relevant knowledge on personal data, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, currently Vice President of the GDPR Good Practice Association.

Having extensive knowledge of copyright and copyright infringement, Mrs. Comănescu provides assistance to our clients with relation to the management and protection of the author rights, artists and performers, successfully interfacing the relationship between the Collective Management Bodies and the clients.


Her experience is recommended in copyright disputes, trademark counterfeiting, litigation and labor disputes, litigation in the field of insurances as well as administrative litigation.

Throughout her practice, Raluca has been involved in many actions in front of the court, providing solutions and legal advice to our clients until they have resolved the problems they have faced. She participated in a number of relevant disputes and collective bargaining, finding appropriate legal solutions for each individual situation. Being oriented towards the result, Raluca Comănescu is constantly participating in conferences organized in the areas of interest of  the clients in the company portfolio and trainings.  Permanent improvement and innovation is a constant concern of the company.