Book Launch: “How to Communicate Correctly or Publicity Law”

The book “How to Communicate Correctly or Publicity Law” aims to be a complete guide which meets the needs of media and marketing companies, their clients, as well as any other party who issues commercial communications irrespective of their form.

The event took place on Friday, 19 March 2016 at Central RIN Hotel, no. 55 Traian Street.

Speakers at the event:

  • Attorney Elena Grecu, Grecu&Partners
  • Oana Cociasu – President of RAC
  • University Professor Ioana Cecilia Popescu – Marketing Faculty, ASE
  • Attorney Andreea Tigau, Grecu&Partners
  • Mitrita Hahue – Chief of Trademarks Department, OSIM
  • Victor Dobre – General Manager IAA
  • Mihail Meiu – representative ANPC
  • Oliver Gray, Director EASA Alliance
  • Attorney Andreea Rusu, Grecu&Partners

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“A Decade of Being an Attorney with Grecu & Partners”

The law firm Grecu&Partners celebrates on 31 March 2016 the anniversary of 10 years at a reception organized at Bucharest National Theater alongside with its clients and partners. Starting with 7 p.m. the Picture Room at the National Theater was booked only for Grecy&Partners and their guests. The play “Allegro, ma non troppo” by Ion Minulescu created an exceptional atmosphere as it is one of the best plays performed at the National Theater. After the play, the evening went on with tasting exclusive wines in an atmosphere suitable for networking, photographs with the partners at the law firm and their guests.

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